Leaf Eater Stream Original80mm

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Product Code: Leaf Eater Stream Original

Leaf Eater Stream Original 80mm

With its visually striking yet unobtrusive and slender design, the Leaf Eater Stream Original delivers high water catchments with minimal maintenance. The open cover reduces splashing, while the angled stainless steel mesh screen prevents leaves and pests from entering your system. The Leaf Eater Stream Original increases your clean rainwater water supply, keeps your maintenance requirements low and offers a visually appealing design for your rain harvesting system and your home.

The Leaf Eater Stream Original keeps maintenance requirements low, thanks to the open channel design of the unit and the angled mesh screen. This angled screen allows leaves to be ejected to keep your rainhead running at its best.

The open cover helps to channel water through the mesh screen, maximising the amount of water you can capture.

The Leaf Eater Stream Original incorporates a 0.955mm stainless steel mesh screen into its construction to prevent the unwanted entry of leaves, debris, mosquitos and other pests into your rain harvesting system. By blocking these elements at the downpipe stage, it ensures that only clean water can pass through the screen and continue to your rainwater tank.