At Vortex Distributors we import a number of well-known and trusted brands. Our three main brands are Trevoli Water Products, Pentax Water Pumps and Watertech.


Trevoli 2

Trevoli Water Products guarantee high quality, reliable and cost-effective pumping systems, maximizing efficiency in order to satisfy our customers' needs best.

The high reliability and guaranteed performances of Trevoli Water Products are the direct result of the extensive use of the highest quality materials, the latest production techniques and extensive quality control systems.


Pentax 2


Pentax's mission is to offer high quality solutions for every need and market. Made in Italy, the brand embraces passion, reliability and excellence.

Each product is tested twice in its own factory to ensure the best possible quality.

Experience, research and development, passion and dynamism, combined with a serious commitment to customer service, ensure that Pentax is a story of success in over 120 countries around the world.




For over 25 years, Trevitech has been designing and manufacturing control devices for the management of water pumps. 

Trevitech owns and controls the entire supply chain of its products sold worldwide under the Watertech brand.

Trevitechs' production meets the highest quality standards, thanks to continuous investments in research and development to produce increasingly high-performance products.