Trevoli SPV100

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Product Code: SPV100

Brand: Trevoli

The Trevoli SPV100 Variable Speed Pump operates at a constant speed but offers the flexibility to be adjusted to different RPMs, providing pool and spa owners with various usage options. This technology carries multiple benefits including customisable performance, quieter operation and reduced wear on parts.

Implementing the ability to adjust RPMs at different intervals offers the advantage of optimising power consumption. By strategically setting RPMs based on specific needs or usage patterns, it becomes possible to effectively manage energy usage and uphold long-term cost savings. 

Suitable for pools 10,000 to 80,000 Litres.


Model kW HP Inlet Outlet Voltage Phase Hz
SPV100 0.96 1.3 40mm 40mm 230 1 50


Pumping Head (m) Flow (lpm)
17 0
10 210
2 340



  • Easy to set controller
  • Multiple pre-set RPM modes
  • Adjustable RPM modes
  • IP55 Protection
  • Insulation Class F
  • Quiet Operation when running in low RPM mode
  • Comes with 40mm unions
  • Stainless Steel rings on discharge and intake to minimise thread issues

Constant VSD:

  • One touch controller
  • Pre-set and adjustable speed programs
  • Pre-set schedules
  • Creates power efficient pool, spa or water feature


  • Swimming Pools sized 10,000 to 80,000 Litres
  • Spa Pools
  • Water features


Length- 518mm
Height- 256mm


2 Year Warranty